Alright everyone, as a testament to my staying on this blog for now on i decided to give everyone an awesome idea!

alright listen closely:



A rent-able pvp courtyard.                                                                                                 Yes you heard right. OK here is how it would go down. Have you ever wanted to throw a party but didn’t have the pvp ring or space? Well you could just go down to ravenwood and talk to the guy that tells ya about houses for the first time and rent a pvp ring in a courtyard for up to 7 days. the place would come complete with complementary decorations to make the celebration really amazing. Of course the main event would be pvp, but there could also be some new mini games and an awesome place to just hang out. Imagine you turn grandmaster and have been wanting to throw a party to celebrate. You go and rent a pvp courtyard and decorate it yourself( complete with a sign with your name saying congratz grandmaster ) and invite all your friends. They all have an amazing time with pvp and chatting with friends in some floating island like place. When your rental for the day runs out every one is automatically sent to the commons. Every one complements you on the awesome party and you go to sleep happy with your achievement:)

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful idea? Also, K.I., if you are afraid you will lose a lot of crowns sells because people don’t buy the pvp houses as much you guys could make it a crowns item. I just think tho=is would make pvp rings a little easier to get to and personalize.

OK now on to an announcment!

I have been secretly making an ice character ever since i stopped blogging, so everyone please welcome, Samuel Iceward!  :


yes he is in ds and has begun on the Crystal Grove. We will be watching his journey along the last stretch of Dragonspyre and beyond.


i hope you enjoyed this post


Your Favorite Pyromancer

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Sorry about being gone for so long


sorry to be away for so long, i didn’t really have anything to say anyway.

Well, on to other matters. Have you seen the new look of my blog :)? I have decided to get more in touch with my life side.

OK, on to the business part of this post.                                                                                                       I have my phoenix pet finally. He is elder and can cast fire blade, sprite, and shield, he also gives me 4 more power pip chance.

I have been doing Waterworks a lot and i got almost the full legend gear but the shoes( i have tried it a lot but still no luck 😦 ) water works is such an awesome dungeon:) it is almost like my idea for a super dungeon but not as extreme.

I have been playing lots and have taken some pretty weird pictures. These pictures have something wrong with them. see if you can find  them:

this is my favorite picture. there are 3 things wrong with this

look very closely but trust me it is there. 1 thing wrong

i also have gotten a new amulet 🙂 a life amulet which has been working out very well.

OK well i guess thats all i got for now see ya

You Favorite Pyromancer


wow very short post.

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Its time to play “Guess That Face!”

Today i had a fun idea. Why not play a game where i show you a photo of the inside of a boss/characters face and you try to guess the boss/character. I think the reward could be me just putting your name on the blog in a place of honor for now, but later after my blog gets going stronger i might be able to give out some codes( kingsisle willing)

So heres this weeks face:

I wonder who it could be?

Your Favorite Pyromancer

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awesome spell photos

I was messing around with pvp today and decided to take a few pictures of the spells

so here ya go:

cool huh? it is a mutated ice wyveren( did i spell that right?

wow lots of fire for a balance spell

Thats all for now,

Your Favorite Pyromancer

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PvP manners

I know that I have posted about pvp already today but i need to address this immediately. I was pvping with my awesome friend( if you see this know you rock!) and we cam upon several groups that resorted to cursing when we won( and we did that allot ). I just need to say that this is very wrong! I warned them not to do it again or i would report them but i think that wont work very well. So if you are in pvp( or anywhere else for that matter) and some one is using curse words or calling names or ganging up on a player, REPORT THEM!!!  These people can’t just get away with this. This is a family oriented game and i want it to stay that way. Also Kingsisle, if you by some miracle read this post please take not that some very rude curse words are aloud on open chat with out and tricks. I can not say these words in my post but i am sure you awesome guys and gals can find them. I don’t want to be the guy that get open chat stopped( i really like it) but i don’t want little kids ganged up on.

Well ranting aside, i found an awesome 4v4 pvp team 🙂  They are amazing! i have a picture of them if ya want to see it:

as you can see they are all girls and made to look like fire elves. I would really like to meet this team again( i feel i didn’t truly express how awesome they are) so if anyone knows this team or someone on the team sees this post please let them know that they are the best pvp team i have ever seen.

well thats all for now( wow long post huh?),

Your Favorite Pyromancer 🙂

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pvp excitement!

today I decided to play around with some pvp. It was pretty fun, but be warned. It is super addictive. You know that moment that you know if your live one more round you will win but then they go first and have a lot of pips and they go storm lord and you live by one health point and you win?( yea run-on sentence) Well i do now.

On a related note. I have bought a storm amulet and re-bought my crowns. I have to say that I regret it. I should have gotten life but hey, what are ya going to do? So the moral of todays post( well maybe one of todays posts cause i post a lot): If your fire, please consider a life amulet, they are a lot better for your school.

All in all a pretty good pvp experience.

Your Favorite Pyromancer 🙂

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Fun in Celestia

hey guys!

i just had and awesome time in celestia and wanted to share some of my pics with you guys! ok so here they are:

me and some nice people i meet along the way( i told them to try to find my blog so HI GUYS if you see this know that you guys are awesome)

well thats all i got for now(wow i take a lot of pictures)

Your Favorite Pyromancer 🙂

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