Alright everyone, as a testament to my staying on this blog for now on i decided to give everyone an awesome idea!

alright listen closely:



A rent-able pvp courtyard.                                                                                                 Yes you heard right. OK here is how it would go down. Have you ever wanted to throw a party but didn’t have the pvp ring or space? Well you could just go down to ravenwood and talk to the guy that tells ya about houses for the first time and rent a pvp ring in a courtyard for up to 7 days. the place would come complete with complementary decorations to make the celebration really amazing. Of course the main event would be pvp, but there could also be some new mini games and an awesome place to just hang out. Imagine you turn grandmaster and have been wanting to throw a party to celebrate. You go and rent a pvp courtyard and decorate it yourself( complete with a sign with your name saying congratz grandmaster ) and invite all your friends. They all have an amazing time with pvp and chatting with friends in some floating island like place. When your rental for the day runs out every one is automatically sent to the commons. Every one complements you on the awesome party and you go to sleep happy with your achievement:)

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful idea? Also, K.I., if you are afraid you will lose a lot of crowns sells because people don’t buy the pvp houses as much you guys could make it a crowns item. I just think tho=is would make pvp rings a little easier to get to and personalize.

OK now on to an announcment!

I have been secretly making an ice character ever since i stopped blogging, so everyone please welcome, Samuel Iceward!  :


yes he is in ds and has begun on the Crystal Grove. We will be watching his journey along the last stretch of Dragonspyre and beyond.


i hope you enjoyed this post


Your Favorite Pyromancer

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